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May 19

MAY 19, 2018 – ADVANCED HANDGUN (8 to 10 hours)

Intermediate Handgun or an equivalent handgun course of instruction is a prerequisite for this course. (Contact Pro Arms Inc for prerequisite qualifications)

Students will learn to draw and present the handgun rapidly from concealment.  Students will learn to accurately engage targets ranging from 4 to 20 yards and to place accurate, rapid fire shots on single and multiple targets.  Students will learn the differences between concealment and cover and how to accurately engage targets from both. Students will learn to accurately engage targets while moving forward, backward, laterally and moving into/out of different shooting positions.

Students will learn to safely exit vehicles to engage targets and will discuss target engagement from vehicles.  Students will learn tactical and emergency reloads and to assess and clear malfunctions on the clock.  Students will shoot from various positions including, standing, sitting, kneeling and horizontal.

Students will fire approximately 500 rounds of ammunition in this course at both steel and paper targets.

This course requires a moderate amount of physical activity.

Course will end with a performance evaluation.

The training will be led by the chief firearms instructor/SWAT Team Leader from a local law enforcement agency and assisted by Pro Arms instructional staff.

The training courses are all day courses (8 to 10 hours) and will include classroom and live fire instruction. Topics covered will include; safety, handgun review, handgun presentation/handling (drawing and ready gun), ammunition management (loading, reloading, unloading), trigger control, stoppages and speed and accuracy drills.


This training is limited to twelve (12) students who must possess the following training and equipment prior to the start of the class:

  1. Intermediate Handgun (or equivalent)
  2. A serviceable handgun (double stack magazine handguns are preferred, however other types may be accommodated)
  3. 500 rounds of quality factory ammunition (No reloads)
  4. 3 double stack or 5 single stack magazines
  5. A non-collapsible outside the waistband holster (a kydex holster is preferred)
  6. Double magazine carrier
  7. Eye and ear protection
  8. Hat or cap with a brim
  9. Note taking material
  10. Personal comfort items

The following stipulations will apply to this training:

  1. Students must complete all aspects of the course to receive a certificate
  2. This course requires at a minimum a medium sized handgun. No pocket/back-up type pistols or pistols with extremely low magazine capacity (8 round minimum capacity)
  3. If handguns or ammunition become unserviceable, spare handguns and ammunition will be available at an additional cost (students may bring a spare handgun w/ appropriate ammunition, holster and magazine carrier)
  4. Any activity deemed unsafe will result in removal from the training and no refund or certificate will be given

Cost of training: $180.00 (NO REFUNDS AFTER APRIL 28)

Minimum class size – 8 students. Refunds issued if class doesn’t make.

This training is limited to the first twelve (12) paid applicants and will be held at Pro Arms’ private training facility. (This location requires a liability waiver be completed by all participants)


May 19
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