Welcome to Pro Arms, Inc.


At the heart of the Pro Arms operation is our retail gun shop, located in Live Oak, Florida.  At our Pro Arms retail store we specialize in firearms, ammunition, gear and accessories that are suitable for self-defense, personal protection training and related competitive shooting sports.  We spend a lot of our time testing and using the products we sell.  Most of us have been “gun people” all of our lives, with backgrounds in retail sales, law enforcement, firearms training, writing for firearms publications and competitive shooting.  During one Pro Arms Podcast we started to tally the number of years of experience we have represented by our Pro Arms crew.  We stopped counting at a combined 200+ years.  We gladly share that experience with our customers, as well as our friends who follow us on the Pro Arms Podcast and the Gun Rights Radio Network Forums.


The Pro Arms Podcast is a regular feature of Team Pro Arms, bringing you information and discussions about guns and gear and interviews with interesting people we meet during our travels throughout the country.  You never know who might be a guest on our show, so check in regularly by clicking the Pro Arms Podcast button at the left of this page.  To ask questions, participate in discussions with our crew and friends or to leave feedback, please join us on the Gun Rights Radio Network Forums.  The GRRN is a great place to find others who have their own gun rights podcasts and share their wealth of knowledge and experience.


Pro Arms also conducts regular training classes in firearms safety, marksmanship, concealed carry issues, competitive shooting tips and the rights and responsibilities of lawfully armed people in today’s society.  In addition to our own classes, we work with The Massad Ayoob Group and other well known guest instructors and organizations to bring a variety of firearms and personal protection classes to the Live Oak area.  Check out our training information and calendar links, also on the left of this page.


Members of Team Pro Arms also compete regularly in self defense oriented shooting sports, such as the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), as well as other regional and national competitive events.  Our participation not only hones our own skills, but allows us to test and evaluate guns, ammunition and gear in venues where performance counts.  We know, through personal experience, what works and what doesn’t.  We certainly have a lot of fun, but it is fun with a purpose.


As you can see, we are much more than just a gun shop.  We use the products we sell, we network with gun rights advocates, trainers, authors, competitive shooters and manufacturers representatives from all over the country.  We bring it all together for you, right here in Live Oak!  We invite you to join us at Pro Arms and let us help you in your efforts to be prepared to protect yourselves and your loved ones.